Rising Stars

This class is only for students personally invited by the gym staff, because they show a great deal of focus, and are able to learn very quickly, learning key elements they will need for competitive gymnastics. Similar to the Shooting Stars team, the Rising Stars are comprised of students in level 2 and 3. However, this is a competitive team that participates in a variety of competitions throughout the year with the Piedmont Gymnastics League.


It is a fast pace, very intense class, to prepare the student for the competitive team. The Rising Stars attend gymnastics two days a week, for three hours each day, learning skills in all four Olympic events, including vault, balance beam, uneven bars, and floor. Body control, strength, and flexibility are the main focuses of the class, using a variety of tools, including obstacle courses, the tumble track, and more!

The goal of a Rising Star is to learn a Roundoff backhandspring on the floor, as well as many other difficult tasks. If the Rising Star has a good attendance record, and the right skills, she will be asked to move up to the Elite RGA Team!