Fact: Gymnastics is one of the few sports that improves all three areas of physical fitness: strength, endurance & flexibility.

Even if your child doesn’t want to become an Olympic Champion, he/she can still benefit greatly from participating in gymnastics. Gymnastics improves overall confidence & self-esteem, balance, & coordination, as well as all three areas of physical fitness!

“Flipping is fun exercise!”

Randolph Gymnastics Academy offers a gymnastics class for every level of student, from the beginners, to advanced competition. If you’re looking to get your child started in this wonderful sport, check out our beginning level classes:


Beginner classes focus on skill building, while injecting pure fun into each hour-long class. From introduction to each of the Olympic apparatus (except vault), to obstacle courses created with specific skill sets in mind, your child will improve coordination, body control, strength, and social skills, all while having a blast!


The intermediates class is the next step up from the beginners, and is based on ability rather than age. All four Olympic events are taught in the intermediate class, including vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. Incorporated into the class is the foam pit and trampolines to further develop skills and body control.

Team Silver

This is our Level 1 competitive gymnastics team. Where earlier classes focused on familiarization with all four Olympic events, this class offers students the chance to really hone skills on each of those events. Students will begin learning basic routines and will be able to participate in competitions through the Piedmont Gymnastics League.

Team Teal

The Teal Team is a competitive gymnastics team comprised of students in level 2 and 3. Students on this team learn skills in all four Olympic events, including vault, balance beam, uneven bars, and floor. Body control, strength, and flexibility are the main focuses of the class, using a variety of tools, including obstacle courses, the tumble track, and more! This is a team that participates in a variety of competitions throughout the year with the Piedmont Gymnastics League.

Team Purple

This class is for the most advanced and dedicated gymnast, who shows focus and ability. Our elite team, Team Purple, currently competes in compulsories and optionals through the Piedmont Gymnastics League and the US Gymnastics Association. Our motto is “No tears, face your fears”, and all students are encouraged to reach for the stars! The sky is the limit with this competitive gymnastics team.