The intermediates class is the next step up from the beginners, and is based on ability rather than age. Students in this class should be able to do a “bridge kickover” without assistance, and a “roundoff” prior to signing up or being promoted.

At this level, students who show focus, may want to come to gymnastics at least twice a week. Student may continue with a once a week schedule, or may opt for two, one hour classes a week instead.

The goal of the intermediate student is to learn a back walkover on the floor, a back handspring on the wedge or marshmallow mat, do a pullover and back hip circle on bars, hold a handstand against a wall for a minute, and climb the rope to the top.

All four Olympic events are taught in the intermediate class, including vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. Incorporated into the class is the foam pit and trampolines to further develop skills and body control.

Students from this class are continually evaluated for promotion to one of the advanced teams, based on skill level, focus, and motivation.