Back Handspring

The back handspring class focuses on teaching beginner to intermediate students how to properly and safely do a back handspring. More advanced students are also welcome to attend.

Strength, endurance, and flexiblity are the core of this class, giving students the tools they need to safely obtain the back handspring and skills beyond. In addition to just the handspring, standing tumble, tucks, layouts, and running tumble will all be taught in sequence of difficulty. We do not simply spot handsprings, but focus on building upper body and arm strength necessary for many of these skills.

By employing a special formula that includes circuits and drills, we guarantee that you will learn a backhandspring in 6 months if you take this class every week. We offer this class to the student who is very serious about learning a backhandspring.

Please note: it takes up to a year to learn it, if you don’t come every week. Please do not expect results overnight. In other words, do not show up a month before tryouts and try to learn it. Be patient with yourself, give it time, and work hard!